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Re: [higgins-dev] Change to IDigitalSubject

Oops, we were talking about it on the #higgins chat channel, and I forgot it wasn't discussed here.
Well, not much of a debate. I added IResource and ILiteral interfaces sometime back (for attribute value types).  Today I finally got around to fleshing out IResource and noticed for the second time that it's almost exactly like IDigitalSubject (just doesn't have a Context). So rather that duplicating the APIs having to do with attributes, name, and type, I proposed a super-interface for that.
We debated between IObject and IEntity.  I'm open to other names or solutions if they're better.

>>> Greg Byrd <gbyrd@xxxxxxxx> 9/19/06 6:32 PM >>>

So I missed this debate -- what's the reason for the change to IEntity?


Jim Sermersheim wrote:
> For all you context provider writers out there, I forgot to tell you
> that as part of the creation of the more generic IEntity, the method
> name changed (was IDigitalSubject.getUniqueID, is now
> IEntity.getName). In terms of its use on IDigitalSubject, it's still
> the Contextually Unique Identifier. I suppose that's true for its use
> on IResource as well.  Hmm, maybe I should have left the name
> alone...  Opinions?

> Jim

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