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Re: [p2-dev] Installing a Eclipse based product

I’m not sure I follow your investigation steps.

If you think that the issue is rather in p2 code than in invalid input you can open a bug attaching all the necessary input, exact steps to reproduce and expected result. If you’re able to provide a simpler scenario illustrating the issue (e.g a product with one feature containing one bundle on top of Eclipse)  it would be great.


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I have tried a different way. I have exported my product from the export menu insight a running eclipse, copy my plugins in the dropins folder of the new exported product, reinitialize the plugins with -clean -initialize options on the command line, and run the product. Always works fine, but the plugins are missing in the available plugins. Afterthat i have done the same, but instead the dropins folder into the plugins and features, but the result was the same? My product is feature based.


> I thing, the problem is in the product build, and not in the p2 installation?

            That’s what I’m trying to figure out J


To summarize (correct me if I’m wrong) - the issue is that executable files of your product are missing after its installation.

I assume they are packed in the only binary artifact you have (myproduct.product.rootfiles.win32.win32.x86_6.3 for Indigo)

On one hand binary IU is presented in the p2 profile which means it’s successfully installed from p2 point of view, on the other - the physical artifacts are missing.


I have two guesses what could have gone wrong:

Product build hasn’t includes the executables in the binary for some reason  - You can check whether in binary folder of your generated p2 repo whether myproduct.product.rootfiles.win32.win32.x86_6.3 archive contains all files you expect to have in your installation.

p2 installation :

there has been no action found corresponding to the binary touchpoint instruction (in your case unzip action) or

action execution has failed

this would be trickier to be checked so let’s start with the first one.


p2 folder is a working folder so I don’t think differences in it are relevant but could be wrong.


One comment on the IDs of your product – when you say “myproduct.ide”, do you mean the exact ID of the product or it’s just abbreviation?

I’m asking because the content.xml you attached doesn’t contain neither myproduct.ide nor myproduct.product and looking at different repositories could be misleading.