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[p2-dev] product building using p2 - some clarifications

Hi devs,

In my current build setup, we create p2-repositories from the
bundle+feature source. Then we install the features in to a existing
profile using the p2-director.

I want to get rid of this existing profile (which contains the basic
OSGI bundles + bundles.info + .profile ) and build a profile from the
scratch (in other words product). To do so, I noticed that I have to
use productPublisher to publish a .product file and then use director
app to create a product out of the published artifacts.

While going in this path, I noticed that we need eclipse-delta pack
while publishing the product. I can understand the use case when it
comes to RCP app. But in my application, we use OSGI inside a webapp.
But we use p2 as the provisioning platform.

Hence I'm not interested in the OS related native bits while building
my product (what i need is a p2-updatable configuration which has
bundles.ino + profile + config.ini).

Is it possible to do something like this without the use of
eclipe-delta pack. Please let me know if my requirement is not clear

P.S - I cant use tycho, since my build uses pom first approach to
build bundles and we want our build in one reactor.