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[buckminster-dev] Re: Problems getting started with Headless Buckminster

Thomas Hallgren wrote:

> Hi Mark,
> Mark Phippard wrote:
> > I have no problem with making the right change, I just do not know
> > what it is and do not personally have the time to investigate.
> > This change was introduced back in 2005 by one of our committers
> > from Japan.  Obviously the encoding of files is more sensitive for
> > them, as well as easier to see problems.  I would not take the fact
> > that you did not observe any problems as "gold" that there are not
> > any problems.  The interface in question just exposes the same
> > method as IEncodedStorage but I assume that the compare plugin must
> > be checking to see if the class is implementing this interface or
> > not.
> > 
> >  
> I'm not suggesting that the functionality should be removed, merely
> that it is moved to the UI plugin. There are no calls to/from the
> org.eclipse.compare plugin present in the subclipse.core plugin,
> neither does it extend any extension point that requires it. I'm sure
> someone at some point, in some other plugin than core, indeed do make
> use of the BaseResourceStorage in a situation when a
> IEncodedStreamContentAccessor is needed. So what I'm suggesting is
> that at when it is needed (most likely in your UI plugin), a wrapper
> should be used instead and that that wrapper in turn implements the
> needed interface.

Well your original message implied that simply removing the interface
does not have any side effects.  That might actually be true.  I was
simply sharing with you what our commit history says about why the
change was made.

Also, I certainly understood what you meant by a wrapper, but as I
said, it is not something I have any time to look into.  I also do not
think it is quite as simple as you think.  This class is itself a base
class, and suddenly wrapping all of our local and remote resources in
another class during a compare operation is not nearly as simple as it

Assuming you do not plan to work on a patch for Subclipse, you should
probably file an issue in our issue tracker so that this does not get