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[buckminster-dev] Re: Problems getting started with Headless Buckminster

Hi Mark,

Mark Phippard wrote:
It looks like the dependency exists so that our BaseResourceStorage
class can implement the
org.eclipse.compare.IEncodedStreamContentAccessor interface.  The
annotation for this change says it was so that we could properly set
the encoding on files when doing compares from the Synch view.

I made an experiment and removed that interface from the class in question together with the dependency it introduces to org.eclipse.compare. After that, the core plugin runs fine without any UI components.

I would like to ask you to move the encoding support into your UI component. Nothing in the core component calls on any functionality in the org.eclipse.compare component so from the looks of it, such a move should be possible. Perhaps a wrapper for the BaseResourceStorage could be added to the UI component that implements the interface?

I'm not sure what to do with our broken Buckminster headless svn support at this point. One idea is to create a special version of the org.tigris.subversion.subclipse.core where the dependency is removed and then bundle that with our headless svn feature. Not ideal since I then take on the burden of maintaining it. Another is to rewrite our plugin to go directly to the client libs. Lot's of work that produces code that also must be maintained. A third alternative, a patch from Subclipse that removes the problem altogether, would of course make life a lot simpler :-)

Kind Regards,
Thomas Hallgren