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[buckminster-dev] Re: Problems getting started with Headless Buckminster

Hi Mark,
...  I also do not
think it is quite as simple as you think.  This class is itself a base
class, and suddenly wrapping all of our local and remote resources in
another class during a compare operation is not nearly as simple as it

Right. I did a quick survey in order to determine just how complex the problem is with the thought that if it was a simple enough, I would submit a patch. However, since the class, as you say, is very frequently used (as an IStorage) and since Eclipse is full of constructs like this one:

if (sa instanceof IEncodedStreamContentAccessor) {
    try {
        encoding= ((IEncodedStreamContentAccessor) sa).getCharset();
    } catch (Exception e) {

I tend to agree with you. An impact analysis is hard to do and the fix is not trivial. Perhaps the people that originally submitted the change are the ones best suited to come up with a solution?

Assuming you do not plan to work on a patch for Subclipse, you should
probably file an issue in our issue tracker so that this does not get

OK. Issue added:


Kind Regards,
Thomas Hallgren