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Re: [smila-user] SMILA vs Human Computing

I must admit that I have problems understanding your use case (maybe because it’s Monday morning...). In your mail it sounds like this to me:

-          A user goes to a search page and enters a search.

-          Then he waits while in the background some processing is done.

-          At one point this processing waits for confirmations from other users, the “crowd”.

-          When this confirmation has arrived the search result is shown to the initial user.

If that’s correct then you are right, it would not be possible easily to split this in two pipelines, and I don’t see any other solution than to

increase the timeout for BPEL pipelines and let a pipelet wait for the confirmation. Anyway, how long would the searching user wait for the



If that’s not the correct use case, maybe you can explain it again to me (and my colleagues)?