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RE: [p2-dev] Backporting p2 to Eclipse 3.4

I managed to successfully backport the Galileo p2 functionality to Ganymede. I tried a simple update example and it works; I also tried an example using
a Policy defined by myself and it works. But of course that I ran into some problems:
1) - the update site generated with Eclipse 3.4 is not compatible with the Galileo p2 provisioning (the one generated with Eclipse 3.5 works fine); I guess I kind of saw that coming and that it has something to do with the org.eclipse.pde.p2.ui you mentioned. Is it there where the update site project functionality is implemented?
2) - the About dialog functionality you mentioned. I found some classes in the org.eclipse.ui.workbench that implement the functionality (InstallationPage, InstalledSoftwarePage, ProductInfoPage, AboutPluginsPage, aboutSystemPage). Are these the only ones or are there any other related to p2?
3) - I cannot find a consistent example on how to properly generate and configure an update site that would update my specific features/plugins, my Eclipse
platform plugins and also some other stuff I have in my product (like folders with executables, libraries and configuration files). Dou you know of any
such examples?

Marius Cetateanu 
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Hi Marius,

This is not something that we actively support nor that we have tried.
However I think it should be doable given that in 3.4 the dependencies on p2 from the other plug-ins was rather minimal. In fact, running the API usage tool [1], the only reference I got back was org.eclipse.pde.p2.ui, which I believe you could simply punt if it turned out to be incompatible.

However this will not get you the new about dialog behavior which provides a way for users to uninstall or revert since this relies on new functionality being introduced in UI plug-in in 3.5. That said this could probably easily be backported to 3.4 as well as this is rather self contained.



[1] http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/downloads/drops/S-3.6M2-200909170100/eclipse-news-M2.html#PDE

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10/01/2009 02:51 AM


[p2-dev] Backporting p2 to Eclipse 3.4


I would like to know if it's possible and feasible to backport the whole
p2 updater feature
to Eclipse 3.4. We're working on an Eclipse based IDE and we cannot
update for the time being
to Eclipse 3.5 but we would benefit from having the p2 updater feature
from 3.5 in our product.
If it's possible (we have about 3 weeks to do the backporting) could
anyone point me to
the documentation I should read to start the process?


Marius Cetateanu  
DevTech  - Software Engineer
Freescale Semiconductor Romania SRL
45, Tudor Vladimirescu Street
Tati Business Center
Bucharest 050881, Romania
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email:  Marius.Cetateanu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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