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Re: [epf-dev] PM conf call

We can use this phone number for the conference on Friday (it's in Yahoo calendar too):

Toll-free dial-in:                    1-877-421-0025
Toll dial-in:                             1-770-615-1242
Participant passcode:        876927

Chris, we can further discuss the proposed changes on Friday.

I have some comments for now:
- I can see the list of tasks for an iteration being a part of the Iteration plan, along with the objectives for the iteration. One artifact less :-)
- I like the idea of introducing some reports (burndown) as proposed. Sounds like stakeholders and project manager (or whatever we call this guy) would make use of some management reports like these.

Talk to you on Friday.

Ricardo Balduino
Senior Software Engineer
IBM | RUP Team | EPF Committer


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[epf-dev] PM conf call

In case anybody missed this in one of my posts yesterday, I'd like to do a PM conference call this Friday, 30 Jun, at 8am PST. I think we really need to put the naming thing to bed at this meeting. For those that have an opinion about this and can't make the call, please post your position on this issue to the mail list. Here is the latest proposal:

Role: Development Lead
Work Product: Development Plan

Work Product: Iteration Plan

Work Product: Task List

Work Product: Development Backlog

Report: Development Burndown

Report: Iteration Burndown

Have a great week and talk with you Friday!

Thanks, Chris ~:|

Chris Armstrong ~:|

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