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RE: [epf-dev] North American F2F, August 10-11 2006

Brian, count me in!
Chris ~:|

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Subject: [epf-dev] North American F2F, August 10-11 2006



At the previous North American Face-to-Face meeting in Vancouver, we proposed having the next North American meeting on August 10-11 in the Washington DC area.  Based on long-distance travel, it sounds like the area around Dulles International Airport, outside DC in northern Virginia is our best bet.  Telelogic has offered to host the meeting at their site just a few miles from the airport.


As we are approaching the 1.0 release, the committers and contributors working on the OpenUP process would like to be able to focus on wrapping that up and planning for the launch.  These meetings have often had a clean break between the content folks and the tool people.  After discussing this with Per Kroll, we would like to propose that this DC-area meeting be a content meeting.  Everyone is welcome to attend and tool people are welcome to come and have their own breakout sessions, but I think the tool people – based mostly on the west coast – might find having a meeting out that way more convenient.


In being a meeting targeting the total content to be delivered as v1.0, we should try to have presence from those producing agile content that may or may not use OpenUP as a basis.


Can I get some feedback as to who thinks they can attend?


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