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Re: [stp-pmc] Provisioning of the new SOA Top Level Project

> seems that I have the honor to take care about the provisioning of our new
> SOA top level project.

Congratulations, Zsolt!  :)

> SOA Platform Project
> * Names of PMC Members and Leader
> - Alain Boulze
> - Stephane Drapeau
> - Antoine Toulme
> - Zsolt Beothy-Elo
> Is anybody willing to take over the lead?

I think I have spoken to all about this before, but I
don't think I've every put anything down in an email
to this group.

I reckon that the best person to have as the lead
is the individual representing the organization with
"the most skin in the game" - that is, the responsibility
of leadership should be on the shoulders of those who
stand to lose the most. The logic is that this level of
responsibility implies the most responsible leadership.

>From where I am sitting now, I believe that Sopera
is in this position and should provide the leadership.

Note that leadership at this point is very much a
piece of housekeeping work in getting the project
up and running and ticking over, so more of a
project management role rather than an evangelist
role (IMHO).

It's also okay for someone to take on the role for
a period of time, and then have it pass on later.

I think that co-leadership is an inefficient option,
not just for this group, but always.

> * Architecture Council representatives
> - Oliver Wolf
> - anybody else?

The project gets to have one representative on
the Architecture Council (as a top-level). Other
individuals may be nominated and elected to
the AC.

Note that Antoine Toulmé is currently the backup
delegate for the AC meetings.


The planning council is a bit different in that there
is one representative on that council from each toplevel
PMC, one from each strategic developer and some
that are appointed by Eclipse foundation see


> * Names and descriptions for top-level-specific mailing lists and forums
>  Mailing Lists
> - soa-pmc: Mailing list for SOA Platform Project  PMC

This list could do with a pruning - there are many on this
list who have not participated in conversations.

> - soa-dev: General discussion of SOA Platform project-wide or architectural
> issues.
> - soa-user: SOA Platform  communications and announcement (including
> coordination, and Group discussions)(web)
>  Newsgroups
> - eclipse.soa: For general discussions related to SOA technologies at
> Eclipse.
> * Names Top-level "website" committers
> - Zsolt Beothy-Elo
> - Here we need at least one additional name

The project leads are all committers on the www/stp site,
perhaps just transfer them?

> * Desired project URL
> http://www.eclipse.org/soa

Perhaps the /stp URL should start redirecting to there

BTW - I haven't forgotten about build actions that are required
from my, especially the passing on of existing knowledge :)