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Re: [stp-pmc] Provisioning of the new SOA Top Level Project

Hi Zsolt,

Zsolt Beothy-Elo a écrit :
seems that I have the honor to take care about the provisioning of our new SOA top level project. Still I need some support from your side to answer all he question so please give me feed back until Wednesday , December 2..


* The short name SOA

I agree.

* The long name SOA Platform Project

I agree

* Names of PMC Members and Leader - Alain Boulze - Stephane Drapeau - Antoine Toulme - Zsolt Beothy-Elo Is anybody willing to take over the lead?

+1 for Zsolt ;-) As we said at ESE, co-leadership isn't a good idea and Obeo can't take the lead. However, PMC members are here to help you.

* Architecture Council representatives - Oliver Wolf - anybody else?

* Names and descriptions for top-level-specific mailing lists and forums
Mailing Lists
- soa-pmc: Mailing list for SOA Platform Project PMC
- soa-dev: General discussion of SOA Platform project-wide or architectural issues.
- soa-user: SOA Platform communications and announcement (including coordination, and Group discussions)(web)

OK. We also need a mailing list for svn commits. - soa-commits: SOA SVN Commits

- eclipse.soa: For general discussions related to SOA technologies at Eclipse.

sca newsgroup needs to be renamed. No problem for the bpmn newsgroup.

* Names Top-level "website" committers - Zsolt Beothy-Elo - Here we need at least one additional name

We can also add each sub-project leader .

* Desired project URL http://www.eclipse.org/soa



Stephane Drapeau