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[stp-pmc] Round-up of EclipseWorld 2006

Just back from travelling to EW 2006 in Cambridge. Here's the
highlights wrt STP:

 * Met with Richard Gronback of the Modeling project PMC to discuss
collaboration with STP with respect to BPMN editor and associated
framework recently submitted (and in the pipe for approval) by
Intalio. We are following up with a con call later this week.

 * Made a presentation [0] which dipped into the details of the
STP and showed some working elements of the technology and spoke
about some of the directions we could go in. Karl and Johnson
helped out with fielding questions and showing tech demos,
respectively - thanks guys :)

 * Spoke briefly to Mike Milinkovich about our plans and
progress and received some positive feedback from him.

 * Spoke to a number of journalists and analysts who followed
up with some useful press. I've started a blog [1] to serve as
a go-to point for information such as this, so that we can
concentrate on the project in this and the dev list.

Tim Wagner wasn't about so I didn't get to talk to him
directly about working through WTP integration elements. I'll
get a chance to meet up with Naci Dai at the summit in
October and so will further the conversation there.


[0] http://www.eclipse.org/stp/docs/eclipseworld-2006-406.pdf
[1] http://blogs.iona.com/ohurley/