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[stp-pmc] BPMN code contribution from Intalio: committers

Hi all,
Intalio has made the initial submission to the BPMN subproject and has
placed it in bugzilla [0]. The code is composed of a BMPN graphical
editor, with backing for code generation facilities.

This contribution has been expected since project inception, but
since this was a while ago, the committers that were named at the
project start are *not* the same people that created this code.

So, the situation is that we have code, but no committers, and
we need to correct this.

According to process, this is an *initial* submission and so it
may be accompanied by a list of people who are to be committers,
to maintain and improve the project code base. I've checked this
with the usual authorities in the matter.

These people are:

Alex Boisvert <boisvert@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Hugues Malphettes <hmalphettes@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Mykola Peleshchyshyn <mpeleshchyshyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Antoine Toulme <atoulme@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Bohdan Ilchyshyn<bilchyshyn@xxxxxxxxxx>

I submit their names to the PMC and recommend them for committer
status, working on the BPMN subproject. Please post your comments
to this list - all comments are welcome.

On a related topic - we have already had a conversation with
the MDT PMC regarding how the BPMN editor we have here may
fit into a prospective proposal to that project. Hugues, Alex
and the team will be putting together a plan for this with
the support of Richard Gronback.


[0] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=156018