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Re: [smila-user] Coomit Failed


thanks for the fast help. With the trunk version of SMILA I was able to run my pipelet without hitting any transaction timeout.


On 02/08/2012 03:28 PM, Andreas Schank wrote:
Hi all,

The problem was that the transaction manager has a default timeout which is used when committing the transaction and thus prevents the commit from being successful after a period of more than 10 Minutes.

We fixed that in the trunk, so the default timeout is set to the same value as the pipeline timeout.

I have also attached the patch file for the org.apache.ode package. Please check if this solves your problem.


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I'm invoking the pipelet using the REST API (I don't know whether this
fits the terminology of an asynchronous workflow). But I can try to
start it using the pipeline processor for debugging. Can I do
something to provide you with more debug information about this issue?
What I also noticed is, that after this error, the REST call never
gets any reply (not even an error).

Ok, so you are not using asynchronous workflows (: It's hard to workaround the BPEL engine in that case. The reason that you don't receive an error message from the REST call is probably that the HTTP server has its own timeout settings. See configuration/org.eclipse.smila.http.server/jetty.xml:

     <Call name="addConnector">
       <Set name="maxIdleTime">300000</Set>

which aborts the HTTP connection after 5 minutes. However, that should not cancel the pipeline execution. Currently I don't have an idea what happens there ...
I think we'll do some tests here, too.


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