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[ptp-user] Eclipse PTP's SDM under AIX


I have been trying to use Eclipse PTP's SDM, version 5.0.7, to debug a
MPI program remotely. When I compiled my testing program under Linux,
SLES 11.1, and launch a remote debugging session on a remote compute
node that also runs SLES 11.1, everything was working fine. 

However, when I compiled the same program under AIX 6.1 and tired to
launch a debugging session on a remote compute node that runs AIX 6.1,
Eclipse seemed to have problem to connect to the debugger. It was stuck
at a dialog showing "Operation in progress...", and I received an error
message saying "Cannot connect to debug" when I cancel the dialog.

I am using IBM Parallel Environment for AIX/Linux as my Resource
Managers for development and debugging. I am able to launch the job on a
remote compute node that runs either SLES 11.1 or AIX 6.1. The only
issue I have is remote debugging when the remote compute node is running
AIX 6.1. Does anyone know what I may have done incorrectly?


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