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Re: [ptp-user] How to recover from crashes that affect synchronized projects ?

On Thursday, December 08, 2011 19:47:37 Dr. Christoph Pospiech wrote:
> After restarting any attempt to synchronize 
> the projects failed with a message that there is a merge conflict for some
> file  blahblah.o. This is a typical git error message. The
> file  blahblah.o was not important and can be recreated by something like
> "make clean;make".
> How to recover from this ?
> I tried the following to no avail.
> - project clean for the remote project fails because the synchronization
> prior  to make clean failed.
> - Login on remote node outside of eclipse and make clean didn't help.
> - Removing remote .ptp-sync leads to error message that directory .ptp-sync
> is  missing
> - Removing .ptp-sync on both got me another error message.
> Any hints ?


I just found out that the following four steps just worked for me. This saved 
me the trouble of resolving the merge conflict with git commands.
- shut down eclipse.
- synchronize projects "by hand". This means a couple of "rm -rf" or "scp -r" 
or "make clean" commands on both hosts, as appropriate. The error message 
about merge conflicts may direct you to the files that need treatment.
- remove .ptp-sync on >both< hosts
- restart eclipse.

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