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Re: [platform-swt-dev] SWT vs Swing

So, for you, that would "SWT versus SWT" ;-)

"Mike Wilson" <Mike_Wilson@xxxxxxxxxx>
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05/26/2003 01:34 PM
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Actually Derek, We've heard the "SWT versus <insert your favorite widget set>" arguments often enough now that we don't really get stressed about them any more. I do agree that the best way to do anything related to Eclipse is to contribute.


Derek Anderson <public@xxxxxxxxx>
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26/05/03 12:50
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For those of you out there who want SWT to run anywhere Java runs, or
want SWT vs Swing developer wars, or think SWT is worthless because it
lacks feature X, even though it is completely out of the published scope
of SWT, and goes against the established goals and principles of the

This project is open source.  Please feel free to implement that feature
you so desire, and contribute it back to the community. If it is liked,
it will be accepted.  I don't get the impression people here are of the
"Not Invented Here" mindset.

As to the portability of SWT, look at how the project is organized.  It
would be entirely possible to create a Java2D version of swt.jar.  I'd
be very interested in seeing what you've got when you get something
started.  Heck, I may join you if I like what I see.  :)

But until then, remember that programmers are sensitive about their
projects, esp. when they're characterized as worthless, not good enough
to be considered by corporation or development community X, not "Real
Java", etc.  (all of which I've seen in the last few days)  I don't mind
you disrespecting SWT, I just mind you doing it out loud, esp. when
you're not offering to jump in and start coding the solution yourself.

-- Derek Anderson
Software Engineer

On Mon, 2003-05-26 at 02:11, Christopher Deckers wrote:
> Hi again all!
> I see that the war SWT vs Swing is starting again. I guess the purpose
> of my port is to bring together those two communities...
> I feel personaly that I am more a Swing user than SWT. The reason is SWT
> is not portable. If I make it portable, then I would make more
> applications using SWT. My feeling is also the feeling we find in
> companies. In my department (in Nokia Networks), there is no way I could
> suggest using SWT without a solution to make it portable for the few non
> supported systems.
> If this port exists, I am sure some people would try SWT (including my
> bosses), which I think is a good reason for doing it...
> Cheers,
> -Christopher
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