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RE: [platform-swt-dev] SWT vs Swing

I hope to God no one has interpreted my views about SWT as anything but
complimentary.  My only goal is to have it on non-supported platforms.
Your point about "code it and submit it" is well taken.  Please accept
my sincerest apologies if anything I have said implied that SWT was less
than quality software.  I reserved such comments for Swing, in which I
had some very minor part when I worked at Sun, and therefore feel
vaguely OK about criticizing.


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> Subject: [platform-swt-dev] SWT vs Swing
> For those of you out there who want SWT to run anywhere Java 
> runs, or want SWT vs Swing developer wars, or think SWT is 
> worthless because it lacks feature X, even though it is 
> completely out of the published scope of SWT, and goes 
> against the established goals and principles of the
> project:
> This project is open source.  Please feel free to implement 
> that feature you so desire, and contribute it back to the 
> community. If it is liked, it will be accepted.  I don't get 
> the impression people here are of the "Not Invented Here" mindset.
> As to the portability of SWT, look at how the project is 
> organized.  It would be entirely possible to create a Java2D 
> version of swt.jar.  I'd be very interested in seeing what 
> you've got when you get something started.  Heck, I may join 
> you if I like what I see.  :)
> But until then, remember that programmers are sensitive about 
> their projects, esp. when they're characterized as worthless, 
> not good enough to be considered by corporation or 
> development community X, not "Real Java", etc.  (all of which 
> I've seen in the last few days)  I don't mind you 
> disrespecting SWT, I just mind you doing it out loud, esp. 
> when you're not offering to jump in and start coding the 
> solution yourself.
> -- Derek Anderson 
> Software Engineer
> http://kered.org
> On Mon, 2003-05-26 at 02:11, Christopher Deckers wrote:
> > Hi again all!
> > 
> > I see that the war SWT vs Swing is starting again. I guess 
> the purpose
> > of my port is to bring together those two communities...
> > I feel personaly that I am more a Swing user than SWT. The 
> reason is SWT 
> > is not portable. If I make it portable, then I would make more 
> > applications using SWT. My feeling is also the feeling we find in 
> > companies. In my department (in Nokia Networks), there is 
> no way I could 
> > suggest using SWT without a solution to make it portable 
> for the few non 
> > supported systems.
> > 
> > If this port exists, I am sure some people would try SWT 
> (including my
> > bosses), which I think is a good reason for doing it...
> > 
> > Cheers,
> > -Christopher
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