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Re: [mylar-dev] Fwd: My 2 cents about Mylar development


Eugene pointed me to another mailing list/forum eclipse.technology.mylar http://eclipsezone.org/eclipse/forums/f18153.html.
I was aware if this forum but I stopped following it or post to it because I was not sure about the difference between this forum
and dev mailing list. At the beginning, when I got involved with Mylar as user, I followed both list/forums but they seemed almost like duplicate of each other so I followed dev list only. It probably was a lack of trying on my side to get the more info about the role of those list.
But it might be nice to have two lists with distinct roles and document the list and their roles in some prominent place so even people like me
understand the difference and choose one or both lists to follow. The poor integrators and contributors will have to read and post to both 8-).

The mailing lists already exist and they are advertised on Mylar home page http://www.eclipse.org/mylar/
but one of them is mailing list and one of them is newsgroup. I assume, that is why users forum at eclipsezone.org can be linked to the users newsgroup.
Maybe making both newsgroups and make them both accessible through eclipsezone.org or as RSS (so they can be followed by RSS read like Google Reader) would be the solution for both users and developers. Also adding the link to the eclipsezone.org mylar forum in addition to newsgroup url on Mylar home page would be nice.


On 5/28/07, Mik Kersten <beatmik@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I have been thinking that in addition to the Users Newsgroup (the standard Eclipse use medium) and the mylar-dev list we need a mailing list specific to Mylar Integragors so that they do not need to be bogged down with internal dev specific issues but have a forum more technical than bug reports.  Will post a proposal on that soon. 




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I think, that you guys have all the rights to duke it out on devel list. The problem is that there is no users list, so if somebody is interested
in Mylar and it is not contributor, or it is just external from time to time developer, this tone can be intimidating. Therefore creating users
list, where people can freely discuss not only programming, but also usage/UI issues might make a lot of sense.

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