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Re: [mat-dev] MAT for Indigo

Memory Analyzer RC1 for Indigo is published

I made yesterday our contribution to Indigo RC1, and it didn't break the aggregation build :)


I also managed to build all RCPs with the recently modified Tycho build (locally, explanation comes afterwards).


I uploaded standalone versions, update site and zipped update site, and updated the snapshots download page: http://www.eclipse.org/mat/snapshotBuilds.php


I would be happy if more people find the time and try out the new (RC1) version. If no severe problems appear, I would suggest that we stop here and make this our final 1.1.0 release. In case of severe problems we still have the RC2 (for us it is 25 May).


This was the most important part. Below are some further details.


Changes to the update site:

The content of the update site in divided into two categories

- Memory Analyzer for Eclipse IDE is intended to install MAT into an IDE. It needs jdt.ui (to jump to a class definition from MAT) and the charts feature is optional (as it depends on birt).

- Stand-alone Memory Analyzer is intended for updating the RCPs. It does not contain o.e.mat.jdt (and thus has dependency on jdt.ui). Additionally the chart feature is not optional – there is no need for this as birt is already packed in the RCP.



Tycho build:

Finally I am happy with the RCPs which our Tycho build produces – all problems (missing root files, missing file permissions for non-Win OS, including bundles for which we have only works-with CQ, etc…) have been resolved on Tycho side or worked around in our build.

The last problem I faced was that to build RCPs for Mac I needed a patch in the p2 provisioning bundle https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=331721. I patched the bundle locally and managed to build them correctly. The Hudson build at Eclipse is not building the Mac RCPs yet.

One task being long time on my TODO list is to document the build procedure. I will try to do this in the next days and to send a link around for review.





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I haven't been able to do much testing of the latest build, but I do see

the license change.


Does the change from having API + chart + dependencies features to putting

everything (but the RCP?) in the dependency feature for the RCP build have

any effect on updates etc? It's not really a dependencies feature anymore.


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