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[mat-dev] MAT for Indigo



On Tuesday I made an MAT contribution to Indigo M7. I just took the latest state at this time.


Next important date for us is 18 May (Indigo RC1 + 3). I hope that by then we can have the version which will be included in Indigo, and to use RC2, RC3 only in case of some severe errors. Below is a list of open TODOs.


-          The 18 May is also the last day for submitting the IP log of the project, but I think I will be able to do this earlier

-          Review all open Accessibility related changes (https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=300655). Thanks to the guys from IBM doing the systematic testing and sending us the patches! It is important to finalize this efforts (at least the things relevant for Indigo) as the changes are relevant for the IP Log (the previous point)

-          Documentation needs to be updated on several places

o   New and noteworthy

o   There is no documentation for MAT’s preference page (we didn’t had preference page before)

o   Compare functionality is only described in the previous New & Noteworthy. We need to move it to a separate page and update it to reflect the latest changes

o   The copyright date on the “Legal” page needs to be updated

-          Update the versions of all bundles and features to 1.1.0

-          Update dates in copyright headers in the bundles/features. In the source files they are pretty much OK.

-          Prepare documentation for the Release review


Feedback and comments are welcome!


Krum Tsvetkov