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Re: [mat-dev] MAT for Indigo


Thanks for the hint! I will try to fix the license on the “product” level in the about box.


Just to make it clear – all the features have already the proper licenses required for Indigo.

The products (RCPs) also have the notice.html document and epl in the root folder. The problem is related only to the About view in the RCPs.


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I updated the help for the inspector view value tab, and for DTFJ thread details.

I tried updating the org.eclipse.mat.product/mat.product file but About Eclipse Memory Analyzer > Installation Details > Installed Software > Memory Analyzer Tool > Properties still isn't right.

Copyright says: No copyright information has been provided.
License Agreement says: product.license

I don't yet know where this information is being stored - but it should be obtained from a properties file.

We might need to remove


from mat.product.

Andrew Johnson


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