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[linuxtools-dev] Attention: Major changes for Tycho 0.13 compatibility

Please pay attention to this mail. 
Tycho 0.13 requires that the feature ids and bundle symbolic name match maven 
artifactId. Also note that one can't have the same groupId:artifactId for two 
modules and this is the main problem because a number of our modules are 
having the same feature id and symbolic name for the main bundle.
 Almost all subprojects have this problem - autotools, changelog, gcov, gprof, 
lttng and etc. (I didn't cared to check the rest).
Please take care of your modules so the feature id/bundle symbolic name match 
the artifactId. If nothing happens on given module I'll start modifying 
modules on October 10th to fix the build with tycho 0.13 using the following 
* if feature and bundle have the same id - I'll rename the feature making it 
$currentName.feature . The reason behind is that it's way easier to handle 
feature renames than bundle renames (Require-Bundle in downstream projects and 
* if pom.xml and feature.xml/manifest.mf files use different ids - use whichever 
of the two ids that's closer to the directory it is in the checkout

As we are getting close to our 1.0 I would ask subproject maintainers to 
consider doing some moves, merges and so on to make our codebase look more 
consistent. What I'm proposing now is RFC so feel free to improve it and we 
will add it to the wiki:
1. Do we need test features? I don't see any benefit having them but I'm open 
to hear the subprojects that use them what are the benefits. Personally I think 
they are polluting the scm only - we run tests using bundles not features.
2. Agressive usage of features - There are cases (e.g libhover) where there is 
almost a feature for every bundle. Is it really needed?  Can we simplify it 
and use features for some bigger grouping?
3. Bundle/Feature naming - that's what provoked this mail, I appreciate the 
fact that tycho devs showed the problem. It's confusing (at least) especially 
in feature.xml files (include vs. import). My suggestion is to make the feature 
have the module name (e.g. org.eclipse.linuxtools.changelog) and if there is a 
module with the same name rename it to smth that describes it better e.g. 
org.eclipse.linuxtools.changelog.core. Changelog is used intentionally because 
it's already this way.

Any comments?

P.S. Don't forget that on October 10th switch to Tycho 0.13 will happen so 
consider commenting sooner than later.

Alexander Kurtakov