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Re: [libra-dev] Oxygen Update Site?


1) what needs to be done to have Eclipse automatically install the correct Libra release depending on the PDE version?
(0.3.0 for Mars, 0.3.1 for Neon, 'latest' for Oxygen)
Would it be sufficient to restrict the Require-Bundle directives?
-> this would mean fixing the respective branches and doing a new release for each of the maintainance branches.
Require-Bundle directives would help. p2 uses this directive to determine if the selected features and plugins can be installed on the target installation.

I am not sure if it's worth the effort to have new maintenance releases for the old versions. I would imagine there are not many users, if any.

We already have p2 repos like:
that contain the compatible release for the respective Eclipse simultaneous release.

Will it be good enough if we have them for Luna and later?

2) in pom.xml, a number of p2 repos are specified with specific builds. I guess each of these should be updated to a corresponding stable release repo (at least during the simultaneous release days)?
( http://git.eclipse.org/c/libra/org.eclipse.libra.git/tree/development/org.eclipse.libra.releng/pom.xml )