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[libra-dev] Oxygen Update Site?

Hi Kaloyan,

could you please help with fixing the update site?

In a fresh 4.7 M6 install, adding http://download.eclipse.org/libra/releases/ results in 0.3.0 being installed, despite 0.3.1 being available in /latest .

However, none of these builds are suitable for Oxygen. In fact, we should make probably sure that the builds know their dependencies:
0.3.0 -> Luna
0.3.1 -> Neon
0.3.3 -> Oxygen (current master)

The latest nightly (from Nov 2016) should be compatible with Oxygen - it builds successfully and all test pass...
But, is it necessary to (constantly?) update all the paths to the Oxygen milestone drops? I'm confused what needs to be done in order to provide working p2 repos.

Thanks for your help! Best regards,