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[hyades-dev] Hyades UI meeting minutes

Meeting notes from Hyades UI meeting:

Simplification of Hyades statistical tables.

Curtis d'Entremont
Eugene Chan
Wayne Ho
Andrew Kaye-Cheveldayoff.

Wednesday, July 28, 12:00pm (noon) EST.


There was agreement on the design for the simplification of the statistical tables. New icons to be requested for views (memory statistics, execution statistics) and toolbar (different levels). Icons and labels to be same/similar to coverage statistics view.

There was some discussion on the sequence diagrams as well, and whether we should keep going with the splitting from one sequence diagram into each type of interaction (host interactions, class interactions, ...). This idea was put on hold for now. We are instead considering a similar approach as with the statistics views with the different levels of information. We would have two interaction views, one for log interactions and the other for all the trace interactions (would need to come up with a good name for this view). An important question raised is whether we need to have two diagrams open at the same time for comparison. Another important consideration is a "drill-down" capability for the user. For example, to be looking at host interactions and want to drill down to see the thread interactions for that host, then to the class interactions, etc. Switching to a lower level would show too much information; from all the children, instead of just the one we want to drill down to.

There were no conclusions on this issue; it will be discussed further in next week's UI meeting, to be scheduled soon. We would like to include some of the sequence diagram folks from Toulouse in this meeting and try to find the best approach.

Curtis d'Entremont
Problem Determination Tools
IBM Toronto Lab

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