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[hyades-dev] Hyades UI meeting minutes

Meeting notes from this week's Hyades UI meeting:


1. Reworking of sequence diagrams to be more consistent with other Hyades views.

2. Marius' suggestion for an alternative to the <--Summary--> root item in statistics tables.

Dominique Guilbaud

Curtis d'Entremont
Eugene Chan
Wayne Ho
Andrew Kaye-Cheveldayoff

Marius Slavescu
Alex Nan


Wednesday, Aug. 11, 12:00pm (noon) EST.


The problem seems to be that the sequence diagrams and statistical table views are at both extremes of the spectrum; we have a wide array of tables for all purposes, yet only one sequence diagram for a wide array of purposes. We want to reach a happy medium between these two extremes, with both the statistics view and the sequence diagrams. The earlier proposed simplification of the statistics views will do this; now we are focusing on the sequence diagrams.

The general consensus was to have two sequence diagram views. One for log interactions, and another for trace interactions. Trace is perhaps not a very good name; we need to consider alternatives. Each view will have different levels of information; for log interactions we will have the log level and the thread level. For trace, we will have 6 levels: host, process, agent, thread, class, object. This means having 6 toolbar buttons in the trace sequence diagram view in addition to the existing ones; a suggestion was put forth to remove the agent interactions as it is arguably the lest valuable. To be investigated further whether this is the right thing to do.

As for the open-with menu, we decided that, at least for now, we will keep things the way they are and show all the different levels of interactions. This is certainly debatable; we want to make sure the user knows about, say, the object interaction view; the user may never discover it if it is not explicitly shown in the menu.

Another feature which was discussed is the drill down capability in the sequence diagram. This would be in addition to the toolbar buttons for each level. For example, the user may want to right click on a host and drill down. This would be different than the toolbar action to go to the lower level, as it would filter out everything that is not in the selected host. This would apply to every level. A request will be opened in bugzilla for this. Alex also suggested a similar thing for the log interactions; to focus only on a certain group of correlated records. To be considered in the future.

As for the totals in the statistics view, it was decided that it would be better to have a row/item/something always show the totals instead of whatever is selected. The filtering capability needs to be improved for these tables, and when the user filters out what he/she doesn't want to see, the totals will show the sum of only those things which are not filtered. As for the type of widget to use for the totals, this was not decided. The more immediate concern is the filtering.

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