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[equinox-dev] Locate files into bundles using non osgi methods


I am working in an OSGi project where I have some "legacy" bundle
which has been created only to wrap an existing proprietary / old Java
library. (call this bundles "legacybundle").

LegacyBundle contains code that load configuration files using
"FileInputStream(String path)" method which prevents me from using
standard OSGi methods (for example: getResourceAsStream(....)....see
here: http://www.eclipsezone.com/eclipse/forums/t101557.rhtml).

I fixed the problem using FileLocator which alas is Equinox
proprietary and non-OSGi portable. (to avoid code dependencies I
created a bundle which expose a PathResolverService which wraps the
trick of using FileLocator. All bundles depend from

Have you ever tried to solve this kind of problem ?

Thank you