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[epf-dev] New GMF based diagrams

Title: New GMF based diagrams


   I´d like to know if there is intention to enable diagrams customization or some way to import different diagrams file formats in epf.

   I mean that I´d like to be able to mix activity diagrams with other diagrams (not necessarily UML diagrams, but more like illustrations, etc). Some drawing capabilities as found in tools like Visio, OpenOffice Draw, etc would empower graphical presentation capacity of EPF.

   I´m not suggesting to implement a full featured drawing tool. It would be enough being possible to import some graphical file formats, so you can draw in your preferred drawing tool and only link these diagrams to method elements.

   Currently I´m drawing visually richer diagrams in other tool, saving a .gif and a MAP and I´m using user defined diagrams, but it´s not pleasant to maintain every link manually.

   Congratulations for this great tool you created.