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[epf-dev] Showing Control Flows, but inhibiting predecessor



I have an EPF Composer question.


I have an activity diagram for a pretty complicated activity that has lots of decision nodes (specifically it is the OpenUP/Basic capability pattern Develop Solution).  At the start there is a decision node and the flow either goes to the “Design the Solution” task descriptor or it goes straight to the “Implement Developer Tests” task descriptor.  It is important to us that we communicate that we are not enforcing a stopover in design every single time you are implementing even the tiniest bit of functionality.  The activity diagram we have communicates that well (see below).


The problem is that the arrow from “Design the Solution” to “Implement Developer Tests” causes a Predecessor to be set in the WBS.  So the WBS says you must do “Design the Solution” to “Implement Developer Tests”, the opposite of what we are trying to say.  If you remove the Predecessor setting in the WBS, the arrow disappears.


Does anyone know how to have the diagram shown below without having the WBS show the Predecessor relation between “Design the Solution” and “Implement Developer Tests”?


                                                   -------------- b

GIF image