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Re: [eclipselink-users] Virtual Metlhods | questions

Hi Gaurav,

Chris is right here. The way indirection works for 1-1 mappings in EclipseLink, means that EclipseLink needs access to a method that will return the valueholder itself. With weaving enabled, we weave a special method into the object for each mapping.

The question here is whether the same method needs to be used to access the map from Groovy or if you could have an internal method EclipseLink uses to store the valueholders and a public method that is used to retrieve the values?


On 17/07/2012 10:43 AM, Gaurav Malhotra wrote:

Christopher, I am trying to implement "Dynamic Fields" i.e. extension to table/entity which could be used in groovy logic as we call it dynamic logic.Dynamic fields can be added dynamically at runtime (deployed cluster application which also uses TLG). Currently in my sample code I use "EntryProcessor" which is trigger the creation of mapping on all the nodes in the cluster.

   Example, if we add dynamic field - "phoneNumber" to the Eomployee, it
should be possible to access it like employee.phoneNumber.number. Hence Map
suit our use case (its simple) and  we would not like to weave
getPhoneNumber method/attribute etc magically into the entity using asm.

   Hence VirtualMethods implementation best suits our business usage case.

  So I think I cannot use any other attribute accessor.