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Re: [eclipselink-users] Virtual Metlhods | questions


To use indirection set:


Also, read and write transformers are used and specified on a TransformationMapping. Not sure I completely understand your question and their usage with the attribute accessor. The accessor is used to retrieve the value from the object into the mapping. The mapping can then apply any transformations or conversions. When using a DirectToFieldMapping you could use a converter on the mapping.


On 17/07/2012 3:39 AM, Gaurav Malhotra wrote:
Hi All, I am trying to specify DirectToFieldMapping, OneToMapping and OneToManyMapping in the session customizer. Let's take a example of OneToOneManyMapping . I am setting up the OneToOneMapping as follows. Currently I am specifying "do not use indirection". Is it possible to specify - IndirectionPolicy and make sure the relationship uses ValueHolder (lazy initialization). I will be great if somebody can point me to sample code to achieve this.I want to programatically weave in the lazy loading value holder code. private void oneToOneMapping(ClassDescriptor classDescriptor) { OneToOneMapping OneToOneMapping(); oneToOneMapping.setDescriptor(classDescriptor); oneToOneMapping.setCascadeAll(true); oneToOneMapping.dontUseIndirection(); VirtualAttributeAccessor virtualAttributeAccessor2 = new VirtualAttributeAccessor(); virtualAttributeAccessor2.setAttributeName("phoneNumber"); virtualAttributeAccessor2.setGetMethodName("get"); virtualAttributeAccessor2.setSetMethodName("set"); virtualAttributeAccessor2.initializeAttributes(classDescriptor.getJavaClass()); oneToOneMapping.setAttributeAccessor(virtualAttributeAccessor2); oneToOneMapping.setAttributeName("phoneNumber"); oneToOneMapping.setReferenceClass(PhoneNumber.class); oneToOneMapping.setForeignKeyFieldName("PHONE_NUMBER_ID"); Vector databaseFields = new Vector(); databaseFields.add("PHONE_NUMBER_ID"); oneToOneMapping.setForeignKeyFieldNames(databaseFields); classDescriptor.getMappings().add(oneToOneMapping); } Another question ============= Is it possible to specify Reader/WriterTrasnformer with VirtualMethods. That is, to apply Reade/WriteTransformer to the attributes in the extension Map. NOTE > In my use case, extension attributes can be DirectToFieldMapping/OneToOne/OneToMany attributes which I am making it programatically in the session customization phase. ~GM

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