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Re: [ecf-dev] Virtual Conferences

Another option with GotoMeeting is to use phone rather than voip...they (g2m) setup a conference bridge also for the meeting. OR we can use the Eclipse Foundation conference bridge (along with the g2m screen sharing).

I'm open to whatever works best for most people/platforms. I'm currently on the g2m trial period, and $50 a month is probably a little too steep for me to cover personally in the long term. I'll ask EclipseSource if perhaps they would allow us to use one of the available groups.

But in any event, I would like to continue the discussion about what tech we can use for virtual conferences...if someone could try/evaluate Yugma and let others know I would appreciated it...I'm consumed with non-ECF work at the moment, but don't wish to hold anything up.


Ted Kubaska wrote:
GoToMeeting has a trial time ... after the trial it is  ~ $50/month
for whoever sets up the meeting. Wheneer I used it before we always
gave up on its audio and used Skype.

On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 2:14 AM, Dann Martens<dann@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Holger,

I learned from the previous attempt with goToMeeting, from Scott:

"We'll use the goToMeeting for the screen sharing, but in today's test
Markus and I couldn't get the voip audio provided by GotoMeeting to work"

And we ended up using Skype, next to the goToMeeting slide sharing. It's
also not clear if this is payware, or not.

Best regards,

Holger Staudacher wrote:

Another choice can be goToMeeting [1]. We use this software at EclipseSource
for our meetings. It also supports screensharing and to attend via phone or
Regards Holger

[1] www.gotomeeting.com

Am 27.07.2009 um 11:02 schrieb Dann Martens:


As it would seem that setting up a teleconference with screen sharing isn't
that straightforward, are there any other technologies we can consider to
make things easier?

I was recently invited to participate in a Spime design workshop in Second
Life, organized by WideTag Inc., and that went better than I expected.

The workshop was held on the Cisco island and presentations were given
(screenshots in attachment).

The drawback here is possibly the requirements of your graphical system. I
admit, my laptop is an IBM Lenovo Z61p, which is intended for CAD
applications. They do support the three platforms.

Skype itself does support screen sharing:
http://www.skype.com/allfeatures/screensharing/, but it only works for
Windows and Mac OS/X.

Are there any other alternatives, we might consider?

Best regards,

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