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[ecf-dev] ECF build v2 -- Build easier

Hi Folks,

Now that Galileo is past us, many of us would like to move toward fully using our new (and much improved) automated build and test system. Markus and Ted have already done quite a lot of work to get Hudson and Buckminster installed, configured, and it's now running at the OSU Open Source lab sight. Overall, we're actually pretty close to replacing/removing our existing builder with this new, better, easier, more managable one.

There are, however, several things to address/add in the new build system before we can pull the plug on the existing builder:

In broad strokes, we need to:

1) Add bundle signing (for dev.eclipse.org build)
2) Setup/refactor the features so that we can build
a) weekly platform integration builds (i.e. filetransfer and ECF core)
b) auto, daily, integration and release builds (on-demand for release...others can be automated)
3) Add a builder for the features/bundles at OSU OSL (including JMS/ActiveMQ, Yahoo provider, TweetHub (product), and perhaps other things...e.g. SOC student work)
4) Add automated junit testing
5) Add support for Markus' work on distributing testing framework
6+) The million other things that have to be done for 'build system care and feeding' :)
7) The other things that I've forgotten

I think the first thing to do is to arrange to have a conference call with Markus (Lemmy)...so Markus can explain and demo the buckminster and hudson-based builder...and those of us that will be working with it can know what's happening, how it can be configured/added to to setup the things listed above (as well as others).

So if Markus would respond to this email with an indication of the days/times (UTC) he would be available for hosting a shared screen session (with screen sharing tech of choice) over next two weeks we'll set it up and then have it.

If you are interested in participating in the ECF building/deployment process (which I strongly encourage, BTW...even if you aren't a committer)...please try to come to this conference call. This is an area where we can/could absolutely use some further contributions from the community, as a couple of us (Ted and Scott) are wanting to spend more time/effort this year on development, and have 'paid our dues'. It's also great experience (IMHO), as building/deploying for any significant system is always (and always going to be IMHO), a technical, process, and community challenge.