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Re: [cdt-dev] Contribution to Eclipse : IP

FYI: you can find the Eclipse legal process poster at:


If you are referring to the EPL in your note below, the EPL license is an approved license.

Any non-committer contributions must be verified to be written 100% from scratch by the contributor with permission from their employer to contribute and must be under the EPL or have a license that is approved by Eclipse.org.

The rules for whether the code can be checked-in or whether a CQ (Contribution Questionnaire) is required is found on the poster.

-- Jeff J.

On 05/30/2012 10:58 AM, Mathieu fourticq wrote:

I am willing to contribute to the eclipse community for the C++ unit
part that is being developped for the JUNO version and that was
introduced by Anton (xgsa@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:xgsa@xxxxxxxxx>). My aim is
to test/debug/tune and contribute if I can to this part of code.

I have then asked to my company if I could contribute to the Eclipse
community and I am in the final row to get the approval.

Now my company request expressively that : "contributions will be made
under the Eclipse license only".

Is it compatible with yout IP policy ?

Thanks for your help,
Mathieu Fourticq

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