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[cdt-dev] Problem with debugging some running processes

Hi all.

I´ve a problem with debugging certain running processes in CDT.

Our project compiled succesful with -g, the programms can be started and 
behave like expected. Nonetheless I wanted to debug some of the running 
processes ;-)
For some this worked, while for others I get only the message:

-- snip --
Error creating session: Target is not responding (timed out)

  Target is not responding (timed out)
    Target is not responding (timed out)
    Target is not responding (timed out)
-- / snip --

after the Debug View showed the [C/C++ Attach to Local Application] for some 

The only parameter I changed was the name of the binary.
All processes are multithreaded.

I tried to attach to the problematic processes manually using 'gdb 
<path_to_binary> <pid>' and that worked just fine.

I also tried to debug the problematic processes with having them started by 
Eclipse/CDT. That seemed to work but doesn´t really help me since there are a 
number of processes in the project that need to be started in a well-defined 

I didn´t find any explanation for this behaviour so I´m posting this message 
here. Unfortunately I´m quite a novice to Eclipse, C++ programming and 
debugging, so please tell me what other info I could provide.
The project source itself is commercial so I can´t post anything of I here.

I´m using Java 1.5, Eclipse 3.1, CDT 3.0 (tried RC3 and latest integration 
build), gdb 6.3, gcc 3.3.5 20050117 (prerelease), SUSE Linux 9.3.

Many thanks
Heiko Jansen
Cologne, Germany