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Re: [babel-dev] Babel Translation Server UI


I started working on the screen shot you sent out. Showing the files that string came from seem like a good idea for someone who knows the Eclipse project from the inside, but for your average Joe translator it might not help much (which is why it didn't occur to me). That said I implemented it anyway because it helped solve another issue I was working on, how slow the staging server was. It turns out trying to download and process all the translatable strings for Eclipse at once is quite a task for JavaScript. Seemed like the easiest way to break up the string was by the file they came from.

If anyone has a link to a good article on how to handle large ajax data sets, it would be interesting to read up on.

As for the rest of the screen shot and your ideas, I will be working through them over the next few weeks.


Kit Lo wrote:

Here is my idea of the Babel Translation Server UI. Please comment.

- "Status" shows percentage of translated and voted keys in file
- when a translation is saved, "Translated By" column will show the ID who saved the translation
- when a translation is verified and voted, "Voted By" column will show the ID who verified the translation
- if someone does not like the current translation, and if he has a newer translation, he may enter the new translation, enter a comment, and save the translation. The "Voted By" column will be cleared. The translation needs to be voted again.
- if someone does not like the current translation, but he does not have a new translation, he may enter and save a comment. The "Voted By" column will be cleared.
- there may be a need to reverting the translation after testing or unsatisfied translation. Clicking the "Revert Translation" button will clear the translation. The "Translated By" column and the "Voted By" column will both be cleared. (Of course, the ID who reverted the translation will be logged.)

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