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Re: [atf-dev] ATF 0.3 nightly builds available!


stanimir petrov wrote:
I have installed your ATF release and try its DOM inspector. Looks nice. I have one question only can another browser be integrated into the eclipse and use the DOM inspector through it.

By another browser - you mean IE, or other engines than Mozilla?
That depends on what APIs they provide. ATF provides it's core functionality only thanks to the Mozilla libraries flexibility.

Also one separate question regarding HTML, how can i preview or embed html into eclispe dialog? I need te following:
There will be different kinds preview elements that must be clickable. The easyest way ever time to add new kind of group of clickable elements is to use image map in the html. So i need html into dialog and when user clicks a get the mouse event and finds what is clicked. Please advice.

The easiest way to render HTML inside Eclipse would be using SWT Browser widget.
See http://www.eclipse.org/swt/snippets/#browser for samples.

Does that answer your questions?