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Re: Re: [atf-dev] ATF 0.3 nightly builds available!

I have installed your ATF release and try its DOM inspector. Looks nice. I have one question only can another browser be integrated into the eclipse and use the DOM inspector through it.

Also one separate question regarding HTML, how can i preview or embed html into eclispe dialog? I need te following:
There will be different kinds preview elements that must be clickable. The easyest way ever time to add new kind of group of clickable elements is to use image map in the html. So i need html into dialog and when user clicks a get the mouse event and finds what is clicked. Please advice.

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ÐÑÐÐÑÐÐ: Re: [atf-dev] ATF 0.3 nightly builds available!
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That's right Roy.
I've seen that but can't find why does downloads/index.php show thefiles in italic instead of links. I've been searching that this morningwith no luck so far. If I get it right, the php script iterates overthe downloads directories to find available files. But for some reasonit doesn't find them for ATF.
I have asked Nick about that in bughttps://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=284624


Roy Ganor wrote:

AlthoughNick explained clearly why archived sites are not recommended(and I agree with him generally that it is the best way to be updated),I stillthink that we are missing some scenarios where people look after actualreleases/packagesartifacts.


Tryto image that a user wants to update to specific version(donât ask why J),he first needs to understand what update site (URL) includesit and then pick from the list of updates the version he needs, morethan this,sometimes when we remove updates he can miss his package from the list.


Thispart in the downloads page is also confusing:

Download ATF





Everythingis empty and a âdownloadâ icon is displayed. I originallythought, like Stanimir, that there were errors during this build.


Mysuggestion is to form it like this: (ok, I really used to PDTpresentation J):

Download ATF

         11.0M (md5) Click to download archived All-In-One p2 Repo Update Site All-In-One Update Site

         14.3M (md5) SDK (Runtime,Source and Tests)





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Hi Stanimir,
The first link is the address of update site to be used from withinEclipse toinstall ATF.
Go ahead thru steps described at http://wiki.eclipse.org/ATF/Installingand ATF should install correctly.

I will update the http://download.eclipse.org/tools/atf/updates/to provide more helpful information when accessed from web browser.



stanimir petrov wrote:

Thank you very much. Note that the 1st link doesnot work.
Have a nice day

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>ÐÑ: Jacek Pospychala
>ÐÑÐÐÑÐÐ: [atf-dev] ATF 0.3 nightly builds available!
>ÐÐ: AJAX Toolkit Framework discussion
>ÐÐÐÑÐÑÐÐÐ ÐÐ: ÐÐÑÑÐ, 2009, ÐÐÐ 24 21:03:29 EEST

>Dear Ajax Tools Framework users,
>I'm happy to announce that ATF has new update site, with nightlybuilds:
>And every eager Eclipse Galielo user can now try it out!
>For full installation steps, please see
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