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Re: [atf-dev] ATF compile errors(Eclipse 3.5)

thanks for looking at ATF.
Please check http://wiki.eclipse.org/ATF/Workspace for how to setup your workspace.
The page you found refers to the old ATF releases.

Regarding this particular bug with ServerManager, the HTTP Server functionality has moved to WTP and we won't be maintaining org.eclipse.atf.server.http* plug-ins


Dmitry Geraskov wrote:
Hi, guys,
to make ATF source code compiled I have done the following:
1. checked out org.eclipse.atf.mozilla.swt.browser, org.eclipse.atf.mozilla.swt.browser.<platform> plugins in addition to specified here
http://www.eclipse.org/atf/source/index.php. Why they are not specified there?
2. in org.eclipse.atf.ui.debug.ServerManager changed import of ClosableWizardDialog to
import org.eclipse.wst.common.frameworks.internal.ui.ClosableWizardDialog;

Didn't you have this errors?

There is still 1 compilation error:
The import org.eclipse.wst.javascript cannot be resolved in org.eclipse.atf.ui.