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Re: [aspectj-users] Before I forget

Hi Dave,

Dave Whittaker wrote:
There is no in path involved, but I do have my maven classpath container in the aspect path (as far as I've been able to tell, it has to be all or nothing with those jar files).
You can in fact trim which jar files from the Maven classpath you want. Click on project properties, then on AspectJ Build, then on the Aspect path tab, expand (clicking on the "+") the "Maven Dependencies" element, you'll see that it contains a "Only the following elements .. ", select it, click the "edit" button, now you can write which jars you really want included on the aspect path. The same is true for the in path.

Using last AJDT version (probably also before, maybe I just noticed it) it will ask you which jars to include as soon as you right-click on a jar inside the maven container (or any other container) to add it on aspect path or in path.


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