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[aspectj-users] field name conflict

See the sample code below,

public class OneType {
	private String r;

privileged aspect A {
	private int OneType.r; //no error

Since aspect A is declared as privileged, so it should have access to the private filed "String OneType.r", therefore, the ITD "int OneType.r" is conflict with the "String OneType.r", I got no warning regarding this.

However, I got an error for the following code,
privileged aspect A {
	public int OneType.r; //[error] inter-type declaration from A conflicts with existing member: java.lang.String onType.r

Is this an intended behavior or a bug? I tried both 1.5.4 and DEVELOPMENT-20080125213731.

Dehua Zhang
Sable Research Group, McGill University
Montréal, Québec, Canada