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Re: [aspectj-users] Type not exposed to the weaver

You can..... by putting type on the "inpath" rather than the "classpath" - 
but you want to check the license conditions of any binary jar file 
distributed by a third party before you do things like this (I think 
there's an FAQ on point, but I'm disconnect now so I can't dig up a 
reference for you).

It's not uncommon to get confused about the difference between classpath 
and inpath in these situations:

* classpath is used to resolve types so that they are visible to the 
* inpath is used to tell the compiler/weaver that a class should be woven 

So a class on the classpath will be 'seen' by the weaver from a 
type-resolution perspective, but will not be affected by the weaving 

-- Adrian

Mohammed Al-Mansari <m_a_almansari@xxxxxxxxx> 
Sent by: aspectj-users-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx
12/09/2004 15:12
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[aspectj-users] Type not exposed to the weaver

Hi all,
I apologize if my question is old...
 Can I weave a java library .class file? e.g. can I introduce the 
java.util.Calender to implement MyInterface?
import java.util.*;
declare parents: Calender implements MyInterface;
I have tried it out but I got:
warning this affected type is not exposed to the weaver: 
java.util.Calender [Xlint:typeNotExposedToWeaver]
how can I expose it to the weaver other than importing it?
thanks in advance!
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