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Re: [albireo-dev] thoughts on how to proceed

Bruno Haible wrote:

You are right.(*) I vote for going forward without any single-event-thread
for the moment.

Ok, that sounds good. It would avoid possible wasted effort.

I think the next step, then, is to merge the dual-event-thread code from both SAS and ILog into the initial code that's already been committed.

How do we proceed? In a previous email, you made an initial suggestion of the order in which we should work.

- mouse event handling
- key event handling
- focus event handling (I assume this includes modal dialog issues)
- popup menus

There is other work that does not fit into these categories, mostly small things, but some of them are not so simple to implement (e.g. resizing).

Focus handling is by far the biggest task. From what I recall, the two contributions are very different in this area.

I think someone could perform a relatively simple initial merge by going through both contributions with the intent of merging all of the simple things. This merge would definitely *not* include any focus handling or popup menus. If the person doing the merge finds significant conflicts in the contributions, they can be documented and left unmerged.

We could then thoroughly test this merged code on all the platforms.

After testing, we'll have a list of issues that remain. These would include any conflicts found during the initial merge, the big work item of focus handling, and popup menus.

How does this sound? I'm willing to do the initial merge, but I also wouldn't object at all if you'd like to do it :-).