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Re: [tptp-news] Limtations for monitoring Data


I don't understand your scenario; can you send me more information on what you are trying to do.

Form your comments I guess that you have a logging agent and would like to use a custom view to display default events.
There is no limit on how many events you can collect. But you can use the 'Stop profiling after a specified amount of time' option available in the Profiling - Limits tab under the launch configuration. The 'Stop profiling after a specified number of method invocations' option applies only to profiling agents collecting method entries ( profiling will stop after reaching a specified number of method entries ).

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[tptp-news] Limtations for monitoring Data


I want to extend the Profiling Perspective by using the TRCAgents
"DefaultEvents List" for my own monitoring view.

This List is growing while monitoring an Application and I need to know
the limitation or the max size for this list.
I know that there is the possibility to set a max. number of Method
calls via the Profiling configurations.
Is this the only way to limit the amount of the reveived Data or is
there a other possibility?

Regards ,

Morris Milekovic
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