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RE: Antwort: [tools-dev] Open gif in MSPaint from within Eclipse

Thanks I Know to do this.
But By doing this, it open it outside eclipse and not within eclipse. BMP File editor in eclipse opens within eclipse just like any other editor say the text editor.

But associatiing it with external editor means open in a different window. I want to open MS PAINT with eclipse. Not as another application.

Please Help ME out with this.

Could any tell me how bmp is linked to MS PAINT editor in eclipse. Probably that will help me to set the same to gif also.


From: joerg.rade@xxxxxxxxx
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Subject: Antwort: [tools-dev] Open gif in MSPaint from within Eclipse
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 17:03:06 +0100

Hi Rose,

> Could any one please tell me why only bmp files opens in the MS Paint.
> How can I assoicate the same editor (MS PAINT) to a gif file

In WSAD 5.1 it is:
Window->Preferences->Workbench->File Associations->select *.gif->Associated
Editors->Add->External Programs->Browse->Location of mspaint.exe

Your milage my vary. grtnx -j
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