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[swtbot-dev] Measuring code coverage with SWTBot headless

Hi guys:

                I hope this is the right place to ask.


My question:    


     Is there any documentation on how to do the test coverage with SWTBot headless?


I have:

                  PDE Build system + SWTBot headless   to do build and test automation. It works.


My problem:

                 I have Clover integrated with PDE Build system. Currently I cannot get clover report from the execution of SWTBot headless.


                 However, it was a kick-start. I’m still working on it.


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Other suggestions:


                There’s a problem with the ant script presented in screencast: http://download.eclipse.org/technology/swtbot/docs/videos/beginners/SWTBotHeadlessTestingForNovices/


                                                <property name="os" value="win32"/>

                                                <property name="ws" value="win32"/> (in the screencast, it is: value=”${workspace}, it doesn’t work)

                                                <property name="arch" value="x86"/>


                And, it would be better to notify user that the property names cannot be changed, such as:

                                                                <property name="eclipse-home" value=" " />

                                                                <property name="plugin-name" value=" " />

                                                                <property name="test-classname" value=" " />



                That’s all.


                You guys have made great work and SWTBot headless does solve my problem!



Xing Yun