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[swtbot-dev] Who actually runs SWTBot test on hudson.eclipse.org?

Hi all,

I am making fun stuff on SWTBot to make it able to be built with Tycho at hudson.eclipse.org. So I carry on lots of experiences, and it seems to me that although having one Xvnc for each test running allows to have several focuses at the same time on one machine; the keyboards and mouse events are still shared, so that some tests dealing with these events cannot be run at the same time on one machine (FYI, default keyboard strategy relies on java.awt.Robot which sends very low-level events).

Does anyone else have troubles with this ? Does anyone have workaround for this?
What are the advantages of AWTKeyboard strategy over SWTKeyboardStrategy (that would probably send events in the right context) ?


Mickael Istria
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