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Re: [stp-pmc] Distributed OSGi Tools

Hi David,
I think I can speak for the PMC in general when I say that contributions
that build on our frameworks are a good thing and welcomed.

It's even better if the frameworks are improved as part of the process.

> What I have right now is an Eclipse plugin called org.eclipse.stp.dosgi.
> Since merely just invokes the XEF editor with a bunch of configuration
> settings it's currently < 100 lines + an XSD file of 122 lines.

Because the size of the code is small, coming in under the guidelines
for IP scrutiny, it's my opinion that you, as a committer, have the right
to check the code in, it being an exemplar of XEF use.

> Would it be an idea to either add this project to
> svn+ssh://dev.eclipse.org/svnroot/stp/org.eclipse.stp.policy-editor/org.eclipse.stp.policy/trunk
> or maybe as a separate component with its own trunk under
>  svn+ssh://dev.eclipse.org/svnroot/stp/org.eclipse.stp.policy-editor

This would work for me, but I think we should consider it a
temporary arrangement. Perhaps the XEF part of the policy-editor
needs also to move out from org.eclipse.stp.policy and instead
have it's own org.eclipse.stp.xef?  Then XEF and this DOSGI
configuration editor exemplar could reside in the same trunk,
which kind of makes sense to me.

Any other comments?